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Group Class Descriptions

With more than 25 classes per week, we've got a variety of fun and effective workout formats for you to choose from. Check out the class descriptions below for details on what to expect. 

Barre: Combine elements of ballet, yoga and Pilates to effectively strengthen your muscles, increase your flexibility, tone and sculpt your body and you've got our Barre class. Yes, please!

Box & Burn: Want a killer cardio workout that leaves you feeling like you can conquer the world? Look no further. We blend cardio, boxing, kick-boxing and weight training in our Box & Burn class. You'll feel the heat AND be ready to kick butt when you're done.

Cardio Strength Yoga: The flow of yoga combined with bursts of cardio and strength training set to upbeat fun music. Our Cardio Strength Yoga class is a unique animal, giving you balance and exposure to multiple fitness approaches.

Fire: It's called Fire for a reason. This class will leave you sweaty from the bursts of cardio and strength training. You'll burn both calories and fat fast with this high intensity interval training.

Funky Flow: Find your center and go with the flow in this class that features relaxation techniques at the start and finish, filled with conditioning yoga movements in-between. Bring your own mat, as mats are not provided. Once you've tried it, you'll want to Namaste' for more!

Happy Hour: Get your heart rate pumping as you transition from the work week to the weekend. Current mood - ready to party, And, this upbeat, fast-paced workout fits the bill while sculpting your body. You never want to miss Happy Hour!

Core: ​Can a class be low-impact and still pack a big punch? You bet, and Core is that class. Easy on your joints, you'll focus on your abs, back and glutes to improve balance, strength and stability. Core is perfect for anyone and everyone.

Lunch Express: Can 30 minutes change your life? It's a great start. If you're short on time, make the most of what you have available with Lunch Express. In 30 short minutes, you'll get in a full body strength and cardio workout. Plus, those endorphins make the rest of the day more fun.

Sculpt: Artfully combining function and power, this strength-based class builds lean muscle from top to bottom. The value of your increased energy and strength - priceless as a Michelangelo!

Stations: Variety is the spice of life, and of workouts. Stations provides opportunity to mix things up as you rotate through different moves and equipment. No danger of getting bored here!

Stronger: No fitness program is complete without legitimate strength training. Stronger incorporates upper body, lower body and total body strength training to increase endurance, build lean muscle and make sure your core is solid. Yes, you'll look strong, but more importantly - you'll be strong!

Sweat: Sweat the noun - the name of the class. Sweat the verb - what you'll do when you attend. Our Sweat class format may change, bit the objective doesn't. Full body, functional conditioning that leaves you breathing hard and wiping your brow.

Yoga: Bring your mat and join us on a short trip to bliss. This comfortably paced class stretches your mind and your body. You'll say goodbye to the day's stressors and hello to increased strength, flexibility, agility and balance. When it's done you'll say "Leave? No, Namaste right here!"

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